Rachel Lacy

Powdered Paint Pigments

Powdered Paint Pigments - Rachel Lacy

Her idea was simple: manufacture powdered colours that can be mixed with a base easily and at home.

The world is full of beautiful colours. Designers such as Ralph Lauren and even architects like Le Corbusier come up with pallets of colours. But they aren't available to everyday consumers with current technology. They can't necessarily be tinted in your local paint shop, and paint is very hard to order from overseas. The way we retail paint hasn't changed since the introduction of the tinting wheel into the paint shops in the 1960s. It's messy, inaccurate and you can never get exactly the same colour twice. Lacy's vision was a world of powdered colours available online to everybody, easily posted around the world. You can buy a base at the paint shop, then order whatever pigments you like from anywhere.

The equally important corollary of her vision was that colour designers around the world (Lacy's future partners) will have access to a global market for their colour collections - and all through a new way of delivering them.