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Culture and Personality

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Recently there has been some online debate about the role of culture and mindset in the 'No.8 Wire' approach - here we answer some of those questions with reference to some interesting NZ research.

The Amazing Bill Phillips

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Bill Phillips - an unsung kiwi legend and adventurer - gave the world the Phillips Curve, but much more as well...

The re-wired approach

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What are the ingredients of our No.8 Wire mentality, and how might we 're-wire' this to once again lead the world in innovation?

Introduction to Re-Wired

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Our ‘No. 8 Wire’ mythology celebrates the inventive Kiwi fashioning a novel solution out of necessity - but is it enough for our future success? Do we need to be 're-wired'?

Lifting the Rocks

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The search for the comprehensive list of inventions and innovations is never-ending.