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Tallon Systems

Tallon Systems - Peter Marshall

The idea is beautiful: a unique mix-and-match system to mount anything in your car, on your boat, ute, in an aircraft cabin or in your home. A whole range of 'sockets' designed to mount onto or into different surfaces - almost anywhere you want something.

Then there are a whole range of 'holders' which are custom made to hold different things - from a kayak paddle to your iPhone, to a wineglass, dive tank, go-pro, iPad, coffee cup, GPS unit or fishing rod. The holders all fit the sockets interchangeably so you can take the iPhone holder out of the socket on your boat dashboard and put a go-pro or cupholder in its place, then put the iPhone holder into the socket on your car dashboard on the way home. Peter Marshall of Wanaka came up with the system to simplify the thousands of individual mounts, sockets and holders available.

On its first showing, the System won a prestigious Innovation Award at the International Boat Builders Exhibition in Miami, USA.