Garth Sutherland


Smartinhaler - Garth Sutherland

In 2001 Garth Sutherland invented the Smartinhaler to help patients lift their game.

Smartinhaler attaches to your normal puffer and reminds you when to take a dose, then automatically stores data on when the medicine is taken. This data is wirelessly available to both patient and doctor, who can follow progress and make decisions based on how much medicine the patient actually took rather than how much they were supposed to take. After 18 months development Sutherland's company Nexus6 sold its first product to New Zealand scientists doing clinical trials with inhalers, and in 2005 full distribution began around the country.

In 2013, with 20,000 Smartinhalers in use around the world, Sutherland raised over $4m dollars to take the technology 'to scale'.