Alan Gibbs


Quadski - Alan Gibbs

It’s a quad bike that goes on the water, and it’s a jetski that goes on land. Finally – a solution to the age-old problem of how to annoy people on sea and on shore! It’s the first commercially available amphibian to do more than 10 knots on the water and more than 10km/h on land. In fact, with its 1300cc BMW engine it can do 72km/h on land and the same on the water, taking only five or so seconds to transition between the two.

The Quadski hit the market in April 2013 and since then the 175 staff at Gibbs’ Detroit plant have turned out 100 a month. For just $42,000 you can buy a piece of New Zealand invention history. In February 2014 the Quadski was featured on Top Gear (the most watched factual programme in the world). In a race from one side of Italy’s Lake Como to the other (‘the usual bullshit’, as Gibbs calls it), Richard Hammond drove Alpha Romeo’s brand new 4C and Jeremy Clarkson drove Alan Gibbs’ Quadski.

Of course, the Quadski won.