Maurice Scheslinger

Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees - Maurice Scheslinger

There has always been only one real Buzzy Bee. The numerous patents and trademarks that protect Buzzy Bee have been bought and sold a number of times since the days of Scheslinger, along with the rights to several other of his toys such as the 'Mary Lou Doll' (from 1941) and the inventively named 'Richard Rabbit'. The tradition of Buzzy Bee remains strong.

Several million bees have been made, and sales are still very strong in New Zealand, but Buzzy Bee has never been a huge export. A big part of the Buzzy Bee business in the early twenty-first century is merchandising.

The Buzzy Bee company, located in sunny Warkworth, has issued over a hundred licenses to other firms to manufacture and sell Buzzy Bee pyjamas, lunchboxes, stamps, schoolbags, jewellery, wrapping paper, paperweights, even women's underwear.