Allan Croad

Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy - Allan Croad

True to the name, at first they were bought mainly by people in rural areas and other runners, but they soon caught on with the urbanites who began to see the Mountain Buggy - much like their 4 wheel drive car - as a statement of what they aspired to be, rather than who they currently were. The product took off, the brand gained awareness quickly, and the Mountain Buggy company was on a serious growth curve.

The buggies were marketed and sold internationally and at first things went well. Some tricky growth issues meant the company was stretched for growth capital, and Croad sold the business in 2004 to a larger company (Tritec). Tritec proceeded to go into liquidation but was bought by their big NZ competitor, Phil & Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company Ltd. Phil & Ted's, to their credit, recognised the value of the brand and have retained the Mountain Buggy name, a name still recognised and respected world-wide.