Peter Montgomery

Montgomery Mooring System

Montgomery Mooring System - Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery (no, not that Pete Montgomery, a different one) is a serial entrepreneur.

He's had 8 start-up companies, and with a track record of 3 successes, 3 'ok' and only 1 huge failure, he reckons he's done alright. He always starts with a vision of the future - although he does caution that sometimes the visions are hallucinations and it's important to be able to tell the difference. A safer way to moor boats was one of his visions, sparked after seeing the death of a ship worker when a mooring cable snapped and the end hit him in the chest.

That prompted Montgomery to develop a safer way to moor ships - it's also faster, cheaper and uses less labour. Montgomery's system replaces the hawsers with a vacuum system - literally sticking the ship to the dock with suction.