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KODE - Steve Henry

Some people describe the KODE system as like 'painting' the substance to make it appear like something it isn't. The uses of the technology are extremely varied, and Henry and team are still coming up with unique applications in industry, medicine, drug delivery, even cosmetics. It can be used for attacking cancer cells and protecting newborn babies. KODE Biotech have applied for over 100 patents and have an impressive line-up of customers, including Oxford University. They foresee this business being worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, and as a private enterprise with AUT as a shareholder, they stand to be globally successful. But, according to Henry, 'Inventing is the easy part; commercialisation is the hard part'. They have to turn this clever idea into a sustainable business, and a research-intensive company like theirs sucks up money in the early days. After over 16 years of work, they are only just now seeing profits ahead of them. In 2013 they signed a partnership agreement with a US company to license their technology and act as an agent. They're also selling online, and working with other possible agents and business partners around the world.


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