Bill Gallagher

Electric Fence

Electric Fence - Bill Gallagher

In the 1930s Alfred William (Bill) Gallagher (b. 1911, d. 1990) developed a plan to keep his horse Joe from scratching itself on the family car (an Essex, incidentally). Mr Gallagher cunningly connected the car to an electrical supply. When the horse rocked the car, looking to for a good scratch, a triggering device sent a current through the car, and through Joe. It worked. Animals will go to as great lengths as we will to avoid electric shocks. Mr Gallagher did not go on to patent his electric car protector (we can only speculate why not - perhaps because it was total overkill), but he did begin experimenting with electrified fences - and not just around cars - around paddocks


A modern Gallagher fence
The fence in action
Alfred William (Bill) Gallagher (centre), flanked by his two sons, John (left) and Bill junior (right), in February 1960
Bill Gallagher and his wife Millie
Break feeding
Gallagher group chairman Sir Bill Gallagher, 2000
The modern electric fence
Electrical insulation
Gallagher systems around the farm