Ken Drew & Les Porter

Domesticated Deer

Domesticated Deer - Ken Drew & Les Porter

In 1973 Dr Ken Drew and MAF vet Les Porter borrowed a few deer and set up an experimental farm. The two set out to put a structure around deer farming to formulate the basic management practices. They were generally considered 'crackpots', but they persevered, coming up with a set of practices and approaches to deer farming that covered things such as: the right sub-species to choose (in NZ we typically have red deer, red deer-wapiti crosses and fallow deer); the layout of paddocks; how many deer to keep together; creating a more natural environment; general animal health and even antler removal.


Wild Red deer
Domesticated deer
The 'after' photo - Cervena on a plate
A domesticated Red Deer
Helicopter retrieval of wild deer for farming
Helicopter retrieval of wild deer for farming
Three stags
Bambi and family

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