Thornton Bayliss


Cablecam - Thornton Bayliss

The idea behind the Cablecam came when Bayliss realised there was a need to come up with a system that film cameras could use to get into tricky-to-film places, where a traditional camera couldn't go and where a helicopter or other flying device wouldn't work.

He spent 3 years tinkering with the system and using tricks from his fishing and timber industry experience before getting a patent in 1993. It was initially designed to be used for sports, and in fact one of its first uses was filming the Kentucky Derby horse race. It was then used for the Winter Olympics in Norway in 1994 before crossing over to the film industry proper. It's been used on some big name movies, and by some big name directors like Spielberg, Cameron and Burton (Tim, not Richard).

Today there is hardly an hour goes by when the system is not being used, particularly in televised sport.