James MacDonald & Brian Bartley

Barmac Rock Crusher

Barmac Rock Crusher - James MacDonald & Brian Bartley

Rock crushing, believe it or not, is big business. MacDonald and Bartley saw their machine being used in the creation of aggregate (small rocks) for roading, but it also became a huge deal in the mining industry, where even today the Barmac crusher is still the crusher of choice.

Just one large machine is able to crush over 1 million tons of rock per year. It took 8 years to turn their idea into a viable business, but the success of the product soon saw Bartley and MacDonald licensing its manufacture around the world, before finally selling the business in 1994 to a large international company who were delighted to get the Barmac into their product catalog.

Despite the number of copies and rip-offs, the name 'Barmac VSI' (for Vertical Shaft Impactor) lives on.